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How do I connect my Roborock cleaner to my Wi-Fi using an iOS or Android device?

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How do use Alexa to control your Roborock?

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What's the difference between E25 and E35?

The main differences are the colors, fan suction capacities and battery capacities. E20 is white, with a 2600mAh battery. The static pressure (suction capacity) of the fan is 500pa in Silent mode, 850pa in Standard mode, 1,200pa in Strong mode, and 1,800pa in Max mode. E35 is black, with a 5200mAh battery. The static pressure (suction capacity) of the fan is 700pa in Silent mode, 1,000pa in Standard mode, 1,400pa in Strong mode, and 2,000pa in Max mode.

What's the difference between Roborock S5 vacuum cleaner and Xiaowa E35?

The Roborock S5 vacuum cleaner uses laser navigation and the Xiaowa E35 uses inertial navigation. Laser navigation is a millimeter-level high-precision positioning, so the map is more accurate, the time spent cleaning the same area is shorter, the efficiency is higher, the possibility of missing the cleaning is very low, and the maximum supported area is larger. The positioning accuracy of inertial navigation is on the order of centimeters. It is lower than laser navigation in terms of map accuracy, cleaning efficiency, and maximum coverage. The inertial navigation machine has an advantage in height part. Without Laser Distance Sensor, the body is thinner and can enter more low-lying areas.

How long will it take to clean my home?

It depends on operating time, room size, furniture arrangement, etc. In generally, it takes not more than 60 minutes to clean a 80 sq.m. two-bedroom flat, and may be shorter if furniture is well arranged and there is little trash.

How long can it work in full charge state?

The operating time depends on floor material and mode of operation. For a common floor without a carpet, E2 in full charge state can work for about 1.5 hours in Standard mode, and E3 about 3 hours. The operation time can be shorter in Strong mode or Max mode and longer time in Silent mode. Both E2 and E3 support the breakpoint continuation function. The machine will automatically return for recharge when the battery is lower than 20%, and go back to the breakpoint to continue cleaning when charging to 80%. Even large-size houses can be fully covered.

Can the machine work normally when moving from Wi-Fi coverage area to non-Wi-Fi coverage area during cleaning?

Wi-Fi is only used to communicate the machine with your mobile phone and to upload map path data. Loss of Wi-Fi can only result in failure of your mobile phone to get cleaning data, rather than affect the cleaning operation. The machine still works normally without Wi-Fi connection.

Can the machine be connected to several devices at a time?

Yes. You are allowed to use the same Xiaomi account to log into different devices and also to view and control your robotic vacuum cleaner on your Android OS-based or iOS-based mobile phone or tablet.

What's the purpose of a handful of black hair on the side & main brush covers?

This is the hair isolation bundle to prevent hair twining. It is a patented design and useful to prevent intrusion of hair into the bearing that can result in overheating or jamming.

Is timer cleaning supported? How to set it?

Yes. Please download Mi Home APP and connect it to your machine. On the Setting option, you can add timer operation. After setting, the set timer cleaning will not be affected regardless of whether the machine is connected to Wi-Fi.

Is it suitable for a carpet?

It works well on undercoat or suede carpets, but may not be suitable for some shag carpets or dark carpets because shag carpets may block the cliff sensor on the bottom of the machine, thereby making the machine regard it as a cliff that it should avoid. This is also true for some dark carpets that may have good light absorption ability.

What should I do when Wi-Fi connection timeout always occurs?

Please check if the Wi-Fi password you input is correct Please check if the machine works within the coverage of your router Please check if the Mi Home APP has been updated to the latest version Please check if your router is correctly connected to the Internet Please make sure that white list or black list (IP address, MAC address) filtration is not enabled for your router Please check if the DHCP for your router is properly enabled Please make sure that there are sufficient IP addresses to be assigned to your router It would be best if no Chinese character or special character is included in username User is suggested to reset the Wi-Fi, delete the devices in the app, clear the cache, and try to connect again

Will the magnetism of the virtual wall be reduced overtime?

The magnetism can be well maintained overtime, except for working in a high temperature environment or long-term reversing field.

What should I do when I receive a prompt saying "Recharging failed, please clear obstacles around the dock charger"?

1. Please move the dock charger to an open area instead of a long and narrow corridor. If there is much trash around the dock charger, please tidy up.

2. Please clean the terminals on the bottom of the machine and the charging tab on the bottom of the dock charger, as you will also receive this voice prompt when they are too dirty.

The machine cannot move across a step with a height of or near 2cm.

If the machine cannot move across any steps with a height of the threshold value, it may be caused by the ground circumstances. You are suggested to wipe the step and the wheels using cloth with some detergent, and try again. If the machine still cannot move across it, please make a small slope to facilitate the operation of the machine and reduce the abrasion of the main wheel.

What should I do when the machine draws water?

Please remove the dust bin and main brush of the machine, use dry cloth to wipe water off and then dry the machine in a well ventilated place. Remove the strainer on the dust bin and flush the dust bin and strainer with tap water. After drying, reinstall them. It should be noted that the strainer should be completely dried before reuse; otherwise, the strainer may be frequently blocked.

What should I do when error 13 occurs?

Error 13 indicates machine charging failure: 1. Poor contact results because the charging area is dirty; please clean the charging contact in the machine tail and the contact tab of the dock charger after power off and disconnection from the dock charger. 2. Poor contact of the power cable of the dock charger. Please check whether the power cable is inserted in place. 3. The dock charger is placed on an uneven floor or on a carpet. Please place the dock charger on a level and hard floor and lean against a wall.